Fleece Jazz at Stoke by Nayland Hotel©

Peter Evans' Gallery of Photographs from Fleece Jazz Gigs

We are lucky to have people in our audience who can discreetly take flashless photos during gigs, and share them with us.

Peter Fairman attends most of our weekly gigs and has and will continue to gift us photographs on a regular basis so that we can create a pictorial chronicle for the club.

Peter Evans is a photographer who has taken extensive photos of some very special events, including our benefit gigs, and the Clare Martin 1000th gig.

All photographs on these pages are Copyright, either ©Peter Fairman. or ©Peter Evans. They retain all rights to them. Contact them if you wish to use the photos.

Click on a photograph to open a section. Photographs are viewable here in screen form, but downloadable in high resolution forms.

This page and its descendents are effectively unaccessible to blind people, as thay have to do with photographs.

Here begins the photographs of Peter Evans, with our February 27th 2011 Benefit Gig.

1000th FLEECE CELEBRATION GIG with Claire Martin OBE

On September 28th 2012 we had a tribute to the great Spike Robinson, with a three tenor sextet lead by Derek Nash.

On February 1 2013, the Orient House Ensemble led by Gilad Atzmon helped us celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Our March 24th 2013 Benefit Gig"