Fleece Jazz at Stoke by Nayland Hotel©

John, Peter and Dave's Notes - Side by Side with Refugees Benefit Gig - 10th July 2016
1:30pm till about 7pm

These are the notes and pictures from a fabulous and valuable afternoon at Fleece Jazz at Stoke by Nayland Hotel.

The music was wonderful, but this is what it was all about:

Side by Side charity

Helping refugees in Calais, Dunkerque and across Europe.
The wonderful musicians listed below are passionate about their music, and passionate about the plight of refugees in Europeéé. It is organised by Side by Side with Refugees and Fleece Jazz.

A Chronicle of the day

All photographs by Peter Fairman©. Click them for a full size picture

9.30am - Dave and Gerry arrive to begin rigging
Lots of microphones and monitors, all labelled so we can make changes on the fly
click for hires image About 1pm. All done. Here is a picture of the rig. Note the cooler with bottles of water (thanks, Roberta).
2.10pm - Katrina Kieffer-Wells opens the day's proceedings.
She described the work of SBS and gave us a description of the work of the volunteers in poetic form.
click for hires image Sorry we don't have a pic of Katrina. She spoke forcibly and well about the work done and to be done.
2.20pm - Ian Shaw, vocals and piano
Ian Shaw opened the music with two of Joni Mitchell's songs, and many others. In Joni's "Shine", he had the audience singing three part harmony! As always, a stunning performance from a world class improvising jazz singer.
click for hires image Ian also spoke about the work and the horrors of the Jungle camp.
click for hires image Ian spends much time at the Jungle, and has horrrific stories and great successes to tell. Ian brought a young refugee to the stage, and we heard about the 4 year journey from Aleppo to the UK, and Ian's drive through the night to save a young man with a very serious injury.
3.15pm - Kevin Flanagan
Kevin was joined by Simon Brown on piano, José Canha on bass, Rod Youngs on drums and Chris Allard on guitar.
Some great swinging jazz ensued.
click for hires image John says, "Kevin Flanagan, who described himself as "a refugee of sorts" blew with real heart. The vibe throughout the hotel was beautiful, as relaxed saxophone melodies wafted round in the sunlight. It is what summer's days were invented for! Thanks Kev. You have confirmed my belief that the sax is the best instrument there is!".
Kevin replied "I'm a cello man myself".
click for hires image Simon is a consumate player with big ears. He played for Kevin, and much later, for Tina. click for hires image I have now heard José in a club and a pub context. He is a lovely player. He worked very hard during the afternoon, playing for three gigs.
click for hires image World class drumming in Suffolk from Rod Youngs. He also put in an afternoon, playing for Kevin, David and Kate. click for hires image Chris's consumate guitar playing glued the afternoon together. He played with Kevin, Kate and Alice.
4.07pm - Michael Spearman and Carole Burgess
Michael's superb classical guitar style with jazz and Carole's sweet voice entertained us.
click for hires image Michael accompanied Carole, and then played some classical Argentinian and Cuban guitar works, which were fascinating.
click for hires image Carole sang a series of lovely standards. Carole is a Fleece Jazz committee member, who does ticket sales, and is at need, a terrific bouncer!
4.45pm - David Tughan
with Elliott Weight piano, José Canha bass, Rod Youngs drums. José and Rod have pictures above.
click for hires image David did the first few songs solo. Dave said, "What a stunning singer! Big range, big voice, not just "blue eyes" and certainly not old. David Tughan is both a one man show, using a looper to build an orchestra, then improvising on top of it, and a band player, when Elliott Weight joined him on piano, José Canha on bass, and Rod Youngs on bass. Lovely man, great entertainer".
click for hires image The band joined David. John said, "As David had sung at one of the co-founders of Side by Side's wedding, he had a pre-arranged enthusiastic following, and the rest came on board very quickly and enthusiastically. A great set which added variety and a different texture to the day. Thank you David, I hope we see you at The Fleece again soon". click for hires image How do musicians who have never played with each other before, manage to become so unified with no rehearsal in the intro of the first number? We enjoyed Elliot's playing. Elliot also makes a major contribution to the Side by Side effort.
click for hires image His looping technique is superb. He builds bass, percussion, accompaniment vocally, and sings on top of it. He has terrific audience rapport. A delightful performance. We want to see him again.
5.20pm - Kate Williams
with Rod Palmer bass, Rod Youngs drums, Chris Allard guitar. Rod and Chris have photos above.
click for hires image John said, "What a delightful pianist and person Kate Williams is. I was not sure what Kate would get from the day, but her smile says it all. What a delight that she got to play with two musicians she had known for ages, but had never performed with; Chris and Alice. She smiled all afternoon (except perhaps whilst sight-reading a very difficult piece written by Alice but she beamed at the end of that). I am so very glad I asked you, and even more that you dropped everything to support the day. Thank you, thank you. (Shame Oli was busy, but it gave Rob great pleasure to play with you again.)".
click for hires image And here is Kate with the band. click for hires image Rob played for Alice as well. He is a very fine bassist.
click for hires image It seems to me that every note has meaning... After Kate's gig, Katrina spoke to us again.
6.10pm - Alice Zawadzki
with Chris Allard guitar, Rob Palmer bass, Kate Williams piano, who all have their pictures above.
click for hires image John said, "I did not know Alice Zawadzki before the gig, other than by good report and from her work in The Jungle. So I "took a chance" and was rewarded a miilion times over. The best "new" singer and performer I have encountered in years. Seek this lady out, she is fantastic. Thank you so much Alice".

Hollers of agreement from Peter, Steve Bolter, and others.

click for hires image Again, a group of musicians fuses into a band in what seems like microseconds. click for hires image Alice is a truly fine violinist. Singing and playing double stops at the same time is quite amazing to hear and watch. She has a beautiful rapport with the audience.

And then we had the monster raffle.

7.20 - Tina May
with Simon Brown piano, José Canha bass and Winston Clifford drums. Simon and José have their pictures above.
click for hires image What a pleasure to end the day with Tina's beautiful, flexible voice and delightful personality and stagecraft. She shares with many, particularly me, a love of the movie "Some Like It Hot". Her singing of two of Marilyn Monroe numbers, "I Wanna Be Loved By You", and the sad "I'm Through with Love" caught the Monroe spirit perfectly. She did everything perfectly, really.
click for hires image Simon, José and Winston were the perfect backing band. click for hires image We had to wait a bit for Winston to arrive. He was travelling for over 4 hours to get to us, and was M25ed and A12ed in the process. He played as if he was fresh as a daisy. He is my favourite drummer.
click for hires image Tina listens. Her musicianship is immaculate. Sorry to see the day end. The evening ended at 8.25pm. What a wonderful day! Lots of help clearing up, so we were out of there by 9.30pm, tired but very happy.

About Side by Side

The refugee crisis "will define our generation. Anything less than 100% commitment won't work. History will judge how we respond over the next few years. Let's not screw it up" - Katrina Kieffer-Wells, Mother and Co-founder
Side by Side is a non-political NGO, a small but passionate team of volunteers who provide basic humanitarian aid (clothing, bedding, food etc) to those surviving in the refugee camps of Calais and Dunkirk, mainly in "The Jungle." It was started by two extraordinary, "ordinary" Essex mums who could not bear to do nothing. It has charitable status, and Ian Shaw is a trustee. They support: ~ the warehouses, Care4Calais and L'Auberge des Migrants with donations of clothing, footwear, food and cooking equipment, and help them sort and distribute necessities.
~ the Women's and Children Centre (run by Liz Clegg), working with Jungle Canopy to refit old caravans to house unaccompanied minors and small families, fully equipping them with bedding, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, cooking equipment, wind up torches/lights etc.
~ like-minded groups, sharing information and often delivering their aid to France.
~ the Schools in the camp and are currently providing bi-lingual dictionaries in various languages and help to provide volunteer teachers.

They are highly responsive to changing needs and crises. Their most recent projects are: ~Supporting the new 'Kids Restaurant', a safe meeting place cum "youth club" offering free meals to unaccompanied minors. Side by Side have run art workshops there, given games, Lego, jigsaws and a pool table, so the kids can have some fun, and socialise with their peers. ~The purchase and creation of the Eritrean Restaurant, after its predecesor was destroyed by fire. Eating spaces in the camp provide essential areas to de-stress and socialise.. Side by Side asked for donations of wood, paint, fabric, kitchen equipment, cutlery etc. Working with Care4Calais, they fitted out the space in 72 hours. It is now fully open for business!

What Next?
Please support an amazing group of people giving their time freely to show compassion and love to fellow human beings displaced by conflict. Side by Side is still passionate about helping refugees and will continue to provide all it can with YOUR HELP. Come to the Side by Side Fundraiser run by Fleece Jazz on Sunday 10th July 1.30 p.m. Stoke-by-Nayland Hotel, Keepers Lane, Leavenheath CO6 4PZ. 15 great musicians from 6 countries are lined up to perform. For just £20 YOU can support Side by Side, have fun, meet some volunteers and learn more about their work and opportunities to help. All profits go to Side by Side. Tickets 01787 211865 or www.wegottickets.com

"And when our children grow up and ask what we did, we want to be able to tell them - we did everything we could." - Rachel Hattingh Marshall, Mother and Co-founder.
Will you be able to say the same?
     Please visit www.sidebysiderefugees.org and

Fleece Jazz are delighted to join with the British jazz community in helping Side by Side. Fleece Jazz, more than just jazz...

Proposed Programme

Personnel and times likely to change: that is part of the fun
Time Leader Support
1.30 p.m. Elliott Weight (piano)
2.00 p.m. Ian Shaw (vocals/piano) Ian may be joined by friends
2.50 p.m. Kevin Flanagan (sax) Simon Brown (piano), Jose Canha or Rob Palmer (bass), Rod Youngs (drums)
3.35 p.m. Michael Spearman (guitar) Carole Burgess (vocals)
4.10 p.m. David Tughan (vocals) Elliott Weight (piano), Jose Canha (bass), Rod Youngs (drums)
4.55 p.m. Kate Williams (piano) Rod Palmer (bass), Rod Youngs (drums), guest Chris Allard (guitar)
5.40 p.m. Alice Zawadzki (vocals/piano/violin) guest Chris Allard (guitar)
6.10 p.m. Speakers and, of course, the raffle
6.20 p.m. Tina May (vocals) Simon Brown (piano), Jose Canha (bass), Winston Clifford (drums)